Compelling and infinitely reassuring, Betty’s vivid account of the afterlife and the meaning of life, will give you a glimpse of the peace and unconditional love that await us all. Betty J. Eadie is the author of New York Times #1 Best-Seller, Embraced By The Light.








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In this episode, Betty responds to questions with what she learned during her NDE and visit to the spirit world.  The content of this episode includes Betty's response to questions about Prayer, Forgiveness, Pet loss, Sexual Relations and Learning to Love.

Embracing Life with Betty J. Eadie, author of the New York Times #1 Best Seller, Embraced By The Light. At the age of 31, Betty had what has been called the most profound and detailed near-death experience ever. Visit her website at

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  • Hi Betty. I have sent the following question to you countless times, but I don't think you ever received it. First of all I want to thank you for continuing your work even after the loss of your husband. I wouldn't be as strong. 12 years ago I was possessed by evil spirits. It was very real and included supernatural phenomenon. My question is, Why does this happen to some of us? And what purpose does it serve. I live my life in dispair (most days]from the memories, and I feel I'll never heal until I know the answer. I have become friends with another woman who was also possessed. She to has a hard time understanding why we had to suffer so badly. We work with a paranormal group to help victims of demonic attack, but we are unable to answer the question as to "why"? when someone asks, because even we don't know why. I know this is a loaded question, but after 12 years, I need to start healing. Thank you Betty. You are truly my favorite author.

    posted by: Katherine on 2012-08-06 21:25:07

  • My question pertains to finding joy in this short time on earth- Dear Betty, First I want to acknowledge the loss of your beloved baby and your husband, Joe; and the pains you endured during your youth. I also want you to know that I rejoice in your near death experience, the success of your books that continue to change the lives of others, and love you express for your family as well as onto others through its ripple effect. ...My own dear mother taught me early on to pray, and reminded me until her passing three years ago, to keep God in my daily life. I, too, had a peaceful NDE after surgery, but did not go as far as you. Since my spiritual Awakening in my adult life, I have internalized its strong responsibility that goes with it. As I am constantly aware of our spirit selves, living for a purpose, caring for others, trying to ripple out love, striving to learn more, I sometimes feel overwhelmed and rarely have fun. My question is: where is the balance to have a joyful life without being completely earthbound? Thank you!

    posted by: Elena from Massachusetts on 2012-08-05 20:56:53

  • Betty, I am so glad you are including a question regarding how to view homosexuality in your next podcast. Because I am gay, I could spend hours asking questions about how God feels about it. I read the Bible and know the statements, but I cannot believe in my heart, that I am such an evil person. I love God and accept Jesus as my savior, as many gay people do. We all believe we were born gay and wonder why. Nobody would choose this lifestyle and expect it to be easy. I had hoped to marry, but thought it would not be fair to my spouse or children born into the family. I prayed to God when I was 25, asking him to help me find a life partner (male or female), because I was lonely. In my prayer I said I knew He knows me better than I know myself, so I didn't care the gender of my long there was love and happiness. A few week later I met a woman that I have been with since, almost 30 years. I do think God blessed me with my partner, and I hope my belief is true. So many readers of the Bible take the words as 100% truth, even when they seem so judgemental to me. Please share as much insight on this topic in your next podcast as possible. Sincerely in God's love, Carolyn

    posted by: carolyn on 2012-08-04 18:40:08

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